Spanish Naval Vessel STS Juan Sebastian de Elcano

The four-masted topsail "Juan Sebasti·n de Elcano" was built in C·diz by Echeverrieta y Larrinaga and launched in 1927 and named after the Spanish seaman who completed the first circumnavigation in 1522 after Magallanes (Mahellan) had been killed during the attack on Macyan in the Philipines. Elcano finally reached Sevilla in 1522, with only one ship making port out of the five which had set out in 1519. Today, the Spanish Navy is fully commited to training midshipmen under sail as a part of their course, and as a result the Juan Sebasti·n de Elcano has made some 71 training voyages and 8 circumnavigations. She has a near-sister, The Chilean Navy Esmeralda, also built in C·diz in the same shipyard and sold to Chile in 1951. Particulars of Elcano: Sail area: 3.153 m2. Length: 93,9 m. Beam: 13,4 m. Draught: 7,25 m. Construction: Steel.

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